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In the unexpected circumstance that at the program start time in September - or anytime during the program year - we have a significant local Covid surge, and CDC guidelines warrant it, we are prepared to pivot to an Online Learning platform. Please inquire for more details.

The Cinema Academy offers film classes that represent the essential stages of the filmmaking process:
Screenwriting, Directing, Production, and Post-Production.


This program is designed for students in middle school; the academy will accept students ranging in age from 10-14.


Our primary objective is to help students develop their individual creative voices through this visual medium. A key component of the program will be to teach students to work in team settings through creative collaborations. Teamwork will be an essential part of the learning objectives.


Our pedagogy is founded on the notion that Cinema is a collaborative artform that requires students to learn the academic, the practical, and the social skills necessary for this creative collaboration.


In order for students to be effective visual storytellers, they must learn the visual language of Cinema; both the theory as well as the practical application of the medium.


Given the nature of the artform, in the various classes, students will work collaboratively to create stories, write scripts, work as a team to prepare for production, and finalize their teams’ films.


In the process of working collaboratively, students develop effective communications skills and build leadership skills necessary to complete a film production.


We only accept a limited number of students per class to give each student the necessary attention to workshop their scripts, help them develop their directing skills, help them develop their directing skills, or help guide their creative collaborations as they produce their groups’ films.


Professor Lucy G/E is the Lead Instructor; Teaching Assistants will be available to coordinate group activities. In addition to our award-winning filmmakers and qualified educators, industry professional will be invited to guest lecture on topics from their area of specialization.


Admission into the program is on a first come first serve basis. To guarantee admission into the program, one must:

  1. Step A – fill out the registration form

  2. Step B - pay tuition for the class by deadline.  

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