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Cinema is a powerful tool that widely influences culture and is used for advocacy, education and entertainment via artistic expression. Our vision is to nurture the creative voices of youth and help develop their passion for creativity. Advances in technology have made filmmaking accessible to just about everyone, wherein writing, directing, producing and editing are all often undertaken by a single individual. This consequence is making the artform an insular practice instead of a collaborative one, as youth are naturally inclined toward mastering technology rather than developing the craft. Our aim is to equip youth with both the technical and social skills necessary for this creative collaboration as they prepare to become the next generation of filmmakers.


Our mission is to reach young minds at an early stage of their development and to provide them with the tools for visual storytelling as we engage them in creative collaboration. We train them in the theory and practice of visual story telling. What makes our curriculum unique is our two-pronged approach for developing the technical as well as the social skills necessary in filmmaking. We take a select few students and walk them through the various stages of the filmmaking process during a single academic year. They learn the art of communication, leadership and team building – all in the process of filmmaking.


Our Academy is built upon the following principles:

  • Diversity. We believe that when youth from various backgrounds work together it helps them to understand and deepen each others’ experiences.

  • Inclusiveness. We welcome and encourage young people to find their creative voices and to use it to celebrate their uniqueness.

  • Integrity. We are committed to the integrity of our program and the ethical practices of our Academy.

  • Youth Centered. We only accept a limited number of students per year so that we can give each student ample attention.

Film Equipment
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